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There are plenty of options for your accommodation in Leuven: hotels, bed & breakfasts and youth hostels will all warmly welcome you. Please find an overview of the options below.


Room allocations for participants of ESS18 have been taken in several hotels in Leuven.
To see more information about these hotels and to make your reservation please click the “Book a room” button below.

Payment of your accommodation is usually at the hotel. If you wish to have your room prepaid by your organisation please use the ‘Prepayment request’ option in the booking form. A credit card will be required to guarantee your room. The card will not be charged unless you cancel after the cancellation policy.

Hotel accommodation services are provided by RoomTrust on behalf of the ESS18 Meeting.

+32 (0)2 353 2734

youth Hostels

For budget travellers, there are 2 youth hostels in Leuven, De Blauwput and Leuven City Hostel.


If you prefer to stay at a smaller B&B, please find a list here.